Why Strut Cards Should Be Your Next Marketing Obsession?

In the bustling realm of marketing, where strategies vie for attention and effectiveness, it’s essential to constantly explore innovative avenues to captivate your audience. Amidst the digital age, where screens dominate, there’s a timeless charm in tangible marketing materials that can’t be overlooked. Enter the humble yet mighty strut card, a versatile tool that deserves a spotlight in your marketing arsenal. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of strut cards, exploring their versatility, impact, and why they should be your next marketing obsession.

Exploring Strut Cards as The Silent Salesman

What are Strut Cards?

Strut cards, also known as showcards or counter cards, are printed marketing pieces that are usually made of strong cardboard and have a fold-out support on the back. This support allows the card to stand upright, making it suitable for use on countertops, shelves, or any other flat surface. The front of the card is ideal for branding, messaging, and eye-catching pictures, while the rear offers more space for information or special offers.

Exploring Versatility of Strut Cards.

One of the most appealing qualities of strut cards is their adaptability. These tiny yet effective marketing tools can be used in a variety of businesses and settings:

Retail: Strut cards can be used as visually striking displays to draw attention to special discounts, new product launches, or promotions in retail settings. Placed strategically near checkout counters or alongside prominent products, they capture buyers’ attention and drive spontaneous purchases.

Hospitality: To highlight daily deals, future events, or loyalty programmes, hotels, restaurants, and cafes might use strut cards. Placed on tables or counters, they engage customers and improve their overall experience.

Trade Shows and Events: Businesses aim to stand out from the crowd at trade shows and events, and strut cards are a great asset in these situations. These portable displays are efficient at communicating critical messages, highlighting product benefits, and driving people to booths or presentations.

Educational Institutions: Strut cards, when placed in high-traffic areas, assist distribute important information to students, professors, and visitors. Schools, colleges, and universities might utilise them for informational objectives, such as advertising upcoming events, campus initiatives, or academic programmes.


Why Should Strut Cards be a Marketing Obsession ?

Now that we’ve defined strut cards and their purpose in retail marketing, let’s look at why they should be your next marketing obsession:

Eye-Catching Design: Strut cards provide a blank canvas for innovative and visually appealing designs. Strut cards, with their vivid colours, dramatic graphics, and intriguing text, have the potential to stop customers in their tracks and lure them to your goods.

focused Messaging: Strut cards enable highly focused messaging, as contrast to mass advertising channels that broadcast messages to a large population. Whether you’re promoting a new product launch, a limited-time deal, or emphasising key product characteristics, strut cards let you adapt your message to the specific audience visiting that region of the store.

Increased Visibility: In a congested retail environment, standing out from the throng is essential. Strut cards set your product apart by positioning it directly in front of customers’ eyes. You can increase your brand’s visibility and exposure by carefully positioning strut cards at eye level or near point-of-purchase places.

What are Shelf Talkers?

Shelf talkers are a type of strut card that has a specific purpose in retail situations. These are little placards or cards that are mounted to retail shelves directly next to the products they advertise. Shelf talkers are useful at drawing attention to specific objects, emphasising significant characteristics or benefits, and encouraging purchasing decisions. Shelf talkers increase consumer interest and sales by using the power of persuasive writing and attractive imagery.

The Power of Shelf Talkers

Before getting into the details of strut cards, consider another effective marketing tool: shelf talkers. Shelf talkers are little signage or labels that attach to store shelves or product displays. They, like strut cards, serve to capture the attention of buyers while also providing more product information. By carefully positioning shelf talkers near featured items, businesses can influence purchasing decisions and boost sales.

Key Points for Design Consideration

Every effective business card has a striking design that draws attention and resonates with the intended audience. Whether it’s vivid graphics, strong font, or slick branding features, a strut card’s visual appeal is critical to attracting attention and conveying the intended message. Design considerations include:

Brand Consistency: Strut cards should be consistent with your brand identity, using the same colours, typefaces, and artwork to increase brand identification and recall.

Clarity & Readability: The messaging on strut cards should be clear, short, and simple to understand at a glance. To make the most of your message, avoid clutter and prioritise important information.

Visual Hierarchy: Arrange things on the strut card in a logical order to direct the viewer’s attention and highlight the most important stuff first. Use size, colour, and positioning to establish visual contrast and hierarchy.

Call to Action: Each strut card should feature a compelling call to action (CTA) that encourages the viewer to take the intended next step, such as making a purchase, visiting a website, or signing up for a promotional offer.

Exploring the Psychology of Colour and Imagery

Colour and imagery influence customer perceptions and provoke emotional responses. When developing strut cards, remember the following principles:

Colour Psychology: Different colours elicit distinct emotions and associations. Warm tones, such as red and orange, can evoke a sense of haste or excitement, whereas cool tones, such as blue and green, represent calm or trustworthiness. Choose colours that reflect your brand’s personality as well as the emotional response you want your audience to have.

High-Quality photographs: Use high-quality photographs that will connect with your target audience and effectively deliver your message. Whether it’s product photos, lifestyle shots, or branded graphics, captivating imagery improves the visual appeal of strut cards and strengthens brand recognition.


Strut cards and shelf talkers are essential marketing tools because of their high visual impact, adaptability, and low cost. Whether you want to increase foot traffic, raise sales, or improve brand visibility, adding these dynamic marketing mediums into your strategy can provide significant results.

As you begin your marketing journey, keep in mind the importance of working with a reputable printing business to make your vision a reality. At VC Prints, we specialise in providing high-quality printing solutions that are suited to your specific needs. From eye-catching strut cards to attention-grabbing shelf talkers, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your marketing goals with precision and professionalism.

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