Why are my YouTube Views Dropping in 2023?

One of the most widely used social media sites, YouTube, enables users to publish their videos online, create channels, and build online communities that share common interests. Nonetheless, YouTube occasionally experiences flaws and glitches that could harm user experiences like any other site. Many people came across the same problem of view drop on their videos. We have tried to cover every possibility which may have caused your views to drop.

Reasons why your YouTube views are dropping:

  1. There might be some bugs from YouTube’s end that may have hampered your views or reduced your click rate. The issue of a video’s view count repeatedly declining has lately been reported by numerous creators. Someone even reported that for several hours their videos had received no views. Users using various devices appear to be affected by the problem, which appears to have recently surfaced. Several YouTube content creators are similarly upset and frustrated about this. Fortunately, YouTube has noted the problem and is attempting to remedy it. We hope that YouTube will quickly address the platform’s view count problem.

  2. Your upload schedule is changed: You may get fewer views if you upload less frequently. To see how regularly you’ve been uploading, go to the viewership report, choose “Compare metric,” then “Videos released.” Occasionally a drop in viewing might be due to a decrease in upload frequency. If this is the case, you might choose a choice that resonates more strongly with your audience. When you do this, your views will return and possibly even grow. It’s crucial to identify the cause of the reduction in video views for yours as soon as possible.

  3. YouTube’s algorithm has changed: The algorithm could also cause your declining view count. The YouTube algorithm is continually learning how to present your videos to various audiences effectively. It continually assesses your videos’ click-through rate and traffic to determine which audiences respond best to impressions and which viewers watch your videos the longest. That’s exciting, but the learning doesn’t happen quickly and could take some time.

    YouTube will frequently test your video with a new audience, but it will only obtain the positive feedback it needs to keep providing it if the audience clicks through or leaves the page soon. The algorithm typically stops testing the video on new groups when this occurs. You have to get used to the waves in video views because you can’t manage this right now. 


   The YouTube algorithm and how it tests your videos with viewers are outside your control. But you can assist them in selecting the appropriate viewers for your content. Always provide at least a few paragraphs of description when uploading your videos. Together with your primary keywords, this description ought to contain related terms and phrases. Please include as much detail as possible in your content descriptions to help YouTube understand what your video is about and who will find value in watching it.

  1. Your content needs to be aligned with YouTube’s objectives: Every month, over 2 billion individuals view YouTube. This indicates that YouTube is still working on getting the remaining 6 billion users to their site. These men won’t stop and will keep developing themselves to achieve their goals. You must do this because it requires testing various ideas and daily algorithm adjustments. This would also imply that you would receive fewer views if your video did not assist YouTube in achieving those objectives.

  2. YouTube Penalty: While you are subject to a YouTube penalty, your view count may also decline. Occasionally, the number of views on your video or channel drops to nearly nothing immediately or gradually. Either way, you’ll know if an algorithm update is coming to your channel. Although rare, this kind of decline in video views does occasionally occur. A YouTube creative niche is often impacted by an algorithm adjustment, not just you. If you search and cannot locate any material from the creator groups, you may wish to speak with YouTube Help about the changes to the algorithm. These kinds of abrupt drops in views frequently return after a few days.

  3. Seasonal Variations: Sometimes, a decline in views is not the result of a mistake you’re making. It can occasionally be a simple case of seasonal fluctuations. On YouTube, certain types of material have seasons; because of how this works, not all channels can succeed simultaneously. Thus, you must maintain patience in this situation.

  4. You modified the video’s content: Changing your content approach might significantly impact your viewership. While you can utilise analytics to identify the cause of the decline in your views, we also suggest that you reflect on the kinds of videos you have been making and whether any adjustments have been made. Watch out for the comment section as well! You can frequently get direct feedback from viewers about your changes to the content type. You’ll know what to do about a decline in video views once you identify the change in your video content that caused it.

  5. Audit of YouTube View Quality: YouTube audits may be to blame if the number of views on your videos drops. When YouTube does a YouTube View Quality Audit, it assesses whether your views are genuine. Views from users repeatedly refreshing their browsers or views bought from third parties are not counted or erased.


These were some of the possible reasons why your YouTube views may drop after you have determined the reason that is causing your views to go down. You will be able to find the solution for it more accurately. To increase YouTube views on your video you can run ads through https://sites.google.com/view/buyytsubscribers/. If you are patient and understand the cause, you can fix it quickly using our tips mentioned above. 

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