Transforming Shell Scheme Graphics with Foamex Material

In the dynamic world of exhibitions and trade shows, creating a lasting impression is vital for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd. Shell scheme graphics play a pivotal role in transforming mundane booth spaces into captivating brand showcases. In recent times, the use of Foamex material has gained prominence for its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we will explore the innovative realm of shell scheme graphics using Foamex material, delving into its characteristics,Printing expectations and Benefits of its applications.

Understanding Foamex Material

Foamex, also known as PVC foam board, is a lightweight yet sturdy material that has become a popular choice for various applications in the signage and display industry. Comprising a PVC foam core sandwiched between smooth, rigid outer layers, Foamex strikes a balance between durability and flexibility. Its smooth surface provides an excellent base for printing high-quality graphics, making it an ideal choice for creating eye-catching shell scheme displays.

Image sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

Printing on Shell Scheme Graphics Panels

  1. UV Printing

  • Utilising UV printing on Foamex enhances both the visual appeal and longevity of graphics.

  • UV printing ensures vivid and durable prints that can withstand the demands of the exhibition environment.

  1. Direct-to-Substrate Printing

  • Foamex’s direct-to-substrate printing capability ensures a seamless integration of design and material.

  • This method results in prints that adhere directly to the Foamex surface, providing a sleek and professional finish.

  1. Custom Cutouts and Shapes

  • Foamex allows for creative freedom with custom cutouts and shapes, enabling brands to break away from conventional panel designs.

  • Unique shapes and cutouts can make the booth stand out and attract attention.

  1. High-Quality Print Resolution

  • Foamex delivers outstanding print resolution, ensuring that intricate details are captured with precision.

  • High-quality print resolution is essential for reproducing complex brand logos and visuals.

  1. Vibrant Colors and Sharp Images

  • The material’s capacity for vivid colour reproduction elevates the brand’s visual appeal.

  • Sharp images and vibrant colours contribute to a visually striking display that attracts and engages visitors.

  1. Tool-Free Assembly

  • Foamex allows for tool-free assembly, streamlining the setup process for exhibitors.

  •  Exhibitors can save valuable time and effort during the setup and dismantling of their booths.

  1. Weather Resistance

  • Foamex is weather-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

  •  Exhibitors can confidently showcase their brand in various environments without worrying about the impact of weather conditions.

  1. Reusability for Multiple Events

  • The reusability of Foamex makes it an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option for exhibitors attending multiple events.

  • Brands can leverage the same Foamex panels for different exhibitions, optimising their marketing investment.

Benefits of Foamex in Shell Scheme Graphics

  1. Lightweight and Portable: Foamex is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up. This is especially beneficial for exhibitors who frequently attend trade shows and events, as it simplifies logistics and reduces the overall burden of booth setup.

  1. Printability: The smooth surface of Foamex allows for vibrant and high-resolution printing. Whether it’s intricate logos, stunning visuals, or detailed product images, Foamex brings graphics to life with sharp clarity, ensuring that your booth captures the attention of passersby.

  1. Durability: Exhibitions can be bustling environments, and materials used in booth construction need to withstand wear and tear. Foamex excels in durability, maintaining its structural integrity even in high-traffic areas. This ensures that your investment in shell scheme graphics lasts throughout multiple events.

  1. Versatility: Foamex is available in various thicknesses, providing flexibility in choosing the right material for different applications. Whether you need freestanding displays, wall panels, or hanging signs, Foamex can be tailored to meet your specific requirements

  1. Customisation: The adaptability of Foamex extends to customisation. It can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes, allowing for creative and unique designs that align with your brand identity. This flexibility enables exhibitors to break away from the conventional rectangular displays and explore innovative shapes that capture attention.

Creative Applications of Foamex in Shell Scheme Graphics

  1. 3D Displays: Leveraging the thickness options of Foamex, exhibitors can create 3D displays that add depth and dimension to their booth. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a memorable and immersive experience for visitors.

  1. Interactive Panels: Incorporating interactive elements into shell scheme graphics is a growing trend. Foamex panels can be designed with integrated touchscreens, QR codes, or augmented reality features, allowing attendees to engage with your brand in a meaningful way.

  1. Themed Environments: Foamex allows for the creation of themed environments within a shell scheme graphics booth. Whether you’re aiming for an industrial look, a nature-inspired setting, or a futuristic ambiance, Foamex can be customised to match the desired theme, transforming your booth into a memorable destination.

  1. Branded Furniture and Fixtures: Extend your branding beyond graphics by using Foamex to create branded furniture, counters, and fixtures. This cohesive approach ensures that every element within your booth reflects a unified brand image.

Image sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

Varieties of Shell Scheme Panels 

  1. Standard Sizes

  • Flat Infills: Rectangular panels seamlessly fit the predetermined spaces of a shell scheme, typically ranging from 950mm x 2400mm to 1000mm x 2400mm. Perfect for covering back walls or creating clean, effective backdrops.

  • L-Shaped Panels: Precision-designed for L-shaped shell schemes graphics, these panels come in size combinations that snugly fit the angles and dimensions of the provided framework, ensuring seamless coverage and eliminating unsightly gaps.

  • U-Shaped Panels: Similar to L-shaped panels, these are customised to cover three walls of a U-shaped shell scheme, resulting in a fully enclosed booth space.

  1. Special Shapes and Dimensions

  • Customised Panels: Beyond standard sizes, Foamex panels can be expertly cut into any custom shape or dimension, allowing for the creation of unique wall designs, product stands, or interactive elements.

  • Curved Panels: Introduce a dynamic touch to your booth by opting for curved Foamex panels, effectively breaking up straight lines and creating a more immersive and engaging experience.

  1. Additional Variations

  • Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Panels: Tailor your display strategy by choosing between single-sided panels for backdrops or walls facing attendees and double-sided panels for enhanced visibility in corner or open spaces.

  • Thickness Variations: While the standard thickness is typically 5mm, offering a balanced blend of durability and weight, thicker 10mm panels provide additional rigidity, making them ideal for larger displays or those incorporating elements like shelves or cutouts.

  1. Material Options

  • Standard White Foamex: This cost-effective option provides a clean canvas for vibrant printing and can be further adorned with vinyl graphics or overlays to enhance visual appeal.

  • Printed Foamex: Enjoy the convenience of full-colour digital printing directly onto the Foamex surface, creating visually stunning displays and eliminating the need for separate graphics.

  • Textured Foamex: Elevate your panels by incorporating textured surfaces in various patterns, adding both visual interest and dimension to your booth.


As we draw the curtain on exploring the possibilities of Foamex for shell scheme graphics, make a conscious decision to elevate your brand with the expertise of Foamex Printing Company.  Foamex material has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of shell scheme graphics, offering a winning combination of print quality, durability, and versatility. Exhibitors can unleash their creativity, breaking free from conventional design constraints to craft engaging and impactful displays that captivate their target audience. As the synergy between technology and design continues to evolve, Foamex is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of shell scheme graphics, ensuring that exhibitors leave a lasting imprint on the minds of event attendees.


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