Transfer Data from One Email Account to Another

Do you want to transfer data from one email account to another? Are you looking for a solution that supports data transfer from all email providers? If yes, read this article.

In today’s digital world, using more than one email account is common due to personal and professional business. Also, while using any account for a long period of time, we end up collecting a huge amount of data which may be very important and we cannot afford to lose it. Hence it is necessary to move it to an alternative email account.

However, it should be noted that transferring data from one account to another is not an easy task, at least manually. Not all email providers support migrating their data to an alternative account. In such a case, an alternative solution is required to complete the task efficiently.

How to Transfer Data from One Email Account to Another?

Since there is no manual way to complete the task, you can use the specialized 4n6 Email Backup Tool. This software is designed to migrate data from one email provider to another without any restrictions. It supports all email accounts that support IMAP protocols. This software is easy to use and allows the user to control the overall data transfer process. Using this tool, a user can move all mailboxes or just specific mailboxes from the mail account.

This software also saves time and allows you to transfer entire data from one account to another at once in a few simple steps. You can learn about the steps of how the tool works below.

Steps to Move Mailboxes from One Account to Another

  1. Download, install and open the application on your PC.
  2. Now, click the Open button and choose the Add Account option.
  3. Enter your email account credentials and then click Add button.
  4. The tool will now analyze and load all the data on the left panel.
  5. Now, click the Export tab or select the IMAP saving option.
  6. Click Browse button to select the location to save the resultant files and then click Save.

The tool will verify your account credentials, and if they are correct, it will start transferring your data. Once the data migration is complete, you will be notified. We have discussed some of the benefits of the tool below, and you can check them out if you wish.

Know about the Export Software

  1. This software supports all accounts that support IMAP protocols such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, office 365, etc.
  2. It is time efficient and allows you to move mailboxes in large quantities at the same time.
  3. It allows you to move all folders or selected folders from one account to another account.
  4. This tool also allows you to open and read emails before moving to another account.
  5. This software is compatible with Windows and can be used on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and lower.

In Conclusion

In the above content we provide you a comprehensive solution to transfer data from one email account to another. Since there is no manual way to accomplish this task, we have suggested the best software for you. The application supports all email providers and can transfer data from them in bulk while maintaining data integrity. You can download the tool from the given link and use it for free initially.

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