Ricardo Buranello, Senior VP at Telit Cinterion – AITech Interview

Kindly brief us about yourself and your role as the Senior Vice President (SVP) at Telit Cinterion.

My journey at Telit Cinterion began in the Latin American region, where I played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and expansion. I was entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading Telit’s business in the United States in 2017, focusing specifically on the software division.

One of my proudest achievements during my tenure has been leading a significant restructuring and turnaround effort. This transformative endeavor propelled the division to achieve remarkable double-digit yearly profits and growth.

At the helm of a global team dispersed across the Americas, Europe and Asia, my responsibilities encompass a comprehensive spectrum of functions, including sales, engineering, product development, research and development, operations and support.

A critical facet of my role involves shaping the global strategy, overseeing management and driving business development for Telit’s software and platforms division.

In essence, my journey at Telit reflects an unwavering commitment to driving excellence, innovation and profitability.

As the SVP of IoT Platforms at Telit Cinterion, what is your vision for the future of IoT and how do you see Telit Cinterion’s role in shaping that future?

At Telit Cinterion, we envision a world where digital technologies serve as the cornerstone of manufacturing productivity. The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a profound paradigm shift, and we firmly believe that its transformative potential extends well beyond connectivity. Our vision centers on harnessing the power of IoT to optimize manufacturing processes, enhance operational efficiency and unlock unprecedented value for industries across the globe.

According to McKinsey, companies that embrace IoT solutions such as deviceWISE, stand to reap remarkable productivity gains of up to 40%. This statistical validation reinforces our commitment to providing solutions that not only meet industry standards but surpass them, propelling our clients toward unparalleled success.

Telit Cinterion’s role in shaping this IoT-driven future is defined by our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. Our software solution, recognized as best-in-class for digital transformation, encapsulates the entire spectrum of requirements encompassing Edge, Cloud and AI functionalities. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients can seamlessly transition into the era of IoT, with the confidence that they are equipped with the tools to drive efficiency, streamline processes, and achieve strategic objectives.

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