Playful Presents: Adding Spice with Naughty Gifts

Gifting is fun but when it comes to your loved ones on their special day, adding spice with naughty gifts will surprise them and you can also explore new heights of intimacy. Spice up your romance with your partner with these playful presents to add an extra spark to your connection with your beloved one. Gift one of these naughty gifts to enjoy your day and make it fulfilled.

5 Best Playful Naughty Gifts to Add Spice 

1. Saucy Spins

It is quite difficult to express whatever you feel with your partner. Talking about closeness could even be different but playing a game about it might make it easier for you to express the game of humour, and other intimate conversations. To play this game first you need to place the coins in the tracks given. Then you have to take a turn and spin the wheels. You will have to pick a card based on the colour and do what the card says. This is a fun game to have a happy time with your partner.

Saucy spin is extremely important for your intimate relationship with your partner. It is fun as well and makes you understand your partner even better.

2. Date Planner

A date Planner is used to decide something perfectly common for both your partners to do together. This is the most complex thing in a relationship where we tend to forget most of the things. Here in the date Planner some redeemable date coupons are provided for your better half. From no mobile dinners and fun board game evenings, everything is covered here in this date planner. It also includes dancing sessions and naughty dates. This is easy for your loved one to choose whenever they need and have fun. Each coupon comes with feedback from loved ones in which you can form a comment, fill the review for the efforts and give ratings as well.  This also includes a formal and romantic surprise invitation that has been customised with both the name and package. This is kept in a cute, classy folder in jute. You can also scribble the time, venue, and the special note for yourself.

3. Naughty Glitter Bomb

The naughty glitter bomb has glitters that can spread and pop all over when it is opened. You can use this glitter bomb to increase the spice with your partner during intimate time. This will spice up the things between you both and you can have fun with your partner. When the box is opened, a spring of glitters will pop out all over and the glitters will spread that will give a moment of joy. The box is small with a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 5 cm. This is also cute to have fun with your partner in your personal space.

4. Chocolate Condom Card

This is a naughty greeting card with a chocolate-flavoured condom in it, to spice up things between the couples. This gives a hint to the partner and it is designed for couples who want to spend time with each other. The card size is 12 x 17 cm and the brand of the condom used may vary which is based on the availability. This can be fun and loved by all the couples. It can be gifted to the newlyweds or during their honeymoon.

5. The Miracle Box

This is a specially designed-emergency box with a condom inside it. This can be fun for friends who enjoy gifts along with their partner. The box is 5 inches X 5 inches that can be kept in your cubicle or hung on a wall. This funny gift can be gifted for couples which is made of acrylic and shouldn’t be broken. This is colourful and the frame may vary such as red, white, cream, and black. Gift this miracle box to your spouse or a friend who is getting married soon.


Spice up your love and happiness with naughty gifts without the usual boring gifts. These gifts are designed specially for those couples who wish to add that extra spark to their life. From crazy board games to miracle boxes, everything will surprise you and your partner.

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