Matexcel Enlarged Its Offerings for Antimicrobial Materials

Matexcel, a leading supplier in the material science, recently enlarged its offerings for antimicrobial materials to meet the diversified needs of its customers.


Antibacterial materials are a new class of functional materials with antibacterial and bactericidal properties. In the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and medicine, some materials have bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, such as some inorganic metal compounds, organic synthetic compounds, natural minerals and natural products. But more often, one or several specific antibacterial ingredients (antibacterial agents) are usually added or compounded in common materials to make antibacterial materials, such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial synthetic fibers, antibacterial ceramics, etc., which are widely used in industries.


The core component of antibacterial materials is antibacterial agent. Antimicrobial agents are chemical components to which some bacteria, molds and other microorganisms are highly sensitive. A very small amount of antibacterial agent is added to ordinary materials to make antibacterial materials. Over the years, matexcels has been providing quality materials, such as ceramic graphene, metal power, natural materials, tool, and support to customers worldwide. With the increasing need for infectious disease management in recent years, matexcel expand its product line to include antimicrobial function power, antibacterial power, artificial solution, and antibacterial fibers to support the production of protective products.


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