Is Lasik Allowed in IPS?

IPS is one of the highest positions in India, and many people aspire to become IPS and serve the country, providing security with the internal framework. To become an IPS officer, one must take the civil service exam undertaken by UPSC. Indian Police Service is valuable, so the candidates will not be accepted unless they meet the physical eligibility. Let’s get to know them to get a better perspective. Having a healthy vision with the ability to focus on objects clearly without the support of any powered glasses or contact lenses is also one of the essential parts of the IPS medical exam. Then the question arises whether a person who has undergone Lasik eye surgery for vision improvement and bringing her ability of eyes back to normal is eligible for IPS medical eye test or not or whether their candidature will be considered qualified or not if they have undergone Lasik eye surgery.

Are vision corrections allowed for IPS?

Corrections like Spectacles, and Refractive Surgery such as Lasik, are allowed. However, it is required to submit your prescription and all the necessary documents and details like when and where you have undergone the Lasik eye surgery to the medical test department, who has been conducting your eye test for IPS. However, if you have a squint in your eyes, then you will be considered unfit for the eye test for IPS. One must have binocular and high-grade colour vision to be medically fit for Indian police services.

Many people aspire to become IPS officers as their dream. One must qualify for the medical exam, and that candidate must be permitted to do that JOB. On June 19, 2014, the ministry of personnel & public department modified the UPSC medical test. Types of corrections allowed. Many people were confused earlier about whether they have undergone Lasik eye surgery for their vision correction and whether they are eligible for the medical test.

And not only for IPS but for the army. The government is accepting corrections.

Can my Lasik eye surgery become a barrier to being an IPS officer?

Anyone can undergo Whichever surgery is required and suitable for them to be physically fit for the IPS medical test. Corrections are acceptable, so surgeries are not a barrier in the medical examination of IPS.

You are allowed a medical eye test if you have undergone LASIK surgery.

Earlier, a candidate couldn’t opt for a technical service if they had undergone LASIK surgery, but the rules are modified with the evolving passage of time.

Laser eye treatment, often known as Lasik Surgery, has helped millions of individuals worldwide to get rid of glasses or contact lenses. LASIK treatment is usually used to eliminate numerical errors and decrease or remove the need for glasses and contact lenses. Lasik surgery provides patients with a satisfaction rate of above 95%. The best part is that many people will never require a repeated operation. Even specific years have passed after the original LASIK procedure; even then, you can undergo improvement of your LASIK eye surgery. 

 Providing your prescription to the examiner 

It is a typical myth among many people that patients who have undergone eye surgery for their vision improvement are not eligible or will be disqualified from IPS medical tests. Still, it is not true that the medical examination for the IPS exam marks candidates having a vision with the capability of focusing on objects regardless of whether they underwent eye surgery. All candidates need to have good eyesight. So the candidates who have gone to Lasik eye surgery for their vision improvement are eligible for the IPS exam. There is no disqualification based on the person who has previously undergone surgery.

So there is nothing to worry about and demotivated about the fact that if you have undergone correction with Lasik eye surgery, then you are not eligible for IPS medical test; you are wholly able for the same you need to do to provide all your prescription and your consultation provided by your doctor to the medical test staff so, he can compare your medication and can test your eligibility and your stability of vision and ability to focus on objects without any strain or pressure.

How to pass the IPS eye test?

Earlier, Lasik was not supported for the medical eye test in the civil services exam. Still, the rules and regulations have been amended due to present circumstances. Various corrections are allowed in the medical eye test. So your Lasik surgery cannot become a hurdle in your aspiring IPS journey; instead, it will help you in qualifying medical eye tests. LASIK helps you to improve your vision and bring it back to normal. IPS medical eye test just for a candidate to look clearly without any support or strain over their eyes. Rest all the previously made corrections and surgeries are acceptable under new guidelines provided for the government’s medical test for civil services.


So if anyone has undergone Lasik eye surgery for their vision improvement and wants to apply in IPS and about clarifying the physical test, then they must not worry about anything and instead give up with the fear of failure or disqualification should apply for the profile without any hesitation as it is only a myth that Lasik makes people disqualified for medical test in civil services exams.

Now you know all the facts and figures related to the laser and IPS physical exam, so you can freely give your test and pass with flying colours.


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