How to Get Acrylic Paint Out of Clothes? Top 4 Effective Methods to Try

Spilling acrylic paint onto your favourite shirt or pair of jeans can be incredibly frustrating. Unlike water-based paints, acrylics are composed of plastic polymers that make the stain stubborn to remove. But the good news is that with a bit of patience and the right techniques, you can successfully salvage acrylic-stained clothes. In this write-up, we will discuss how to get acrylic paint out of clothes with 4 effective methods.

How to Get acrylic paint out of clothes?

Method 1 – Hot Water 

Hot water works really well when it comes to removing acrylic paint from clothes. 


What you’ll need:


  • Hot water 

  • Laundry detergent or soap

  • Old toothbrush



  • Flush the backside of the paint stain with hot water, either under a faucet or by soaking in a sink or tub. The heat will help loosen and lift the acrylic paint.

  • Mix a few drops of laundry detergent or soap into a small bowl of warm water. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the detergent into the stain. 

  • Rinse the scrubbed area under hot running water. Check to see if the paint has been removed.

  • Repeat steps 2-3 as needed until the paint is gone. You must avoid harsh scrubbing as this can damage delicate fabrics and eventually it can ruin your dress.

  • Wash the garment as usual once the stain has been removed.

  • For heavier acrylic paint stains, pre-treat with dish soap or laundry pre-wash before machine washing.

Method 2 – Rubbing Alcohol

Experts often recommend rubbing alcohol to those who are looking for how to get acrylic paint out of clothes. 


What you’ll need: 


  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)

  • Clean rags or paper towels

  • Laundry detergent




  • Lay the paint-stained clothing flat on a work surface and place paper towels or rags underneath to absorb the alcohol.

  • Dampen a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and dab at the stain repeatedly. Avoid aggressive rubbing.

  • Once paint begins to transfer onto the cloth, rinse the area under cold running water.

  • Scrub a few drops of laundry detergent into the damp stain using a soft-bristled brush.

  • Rinse thoroughly with more cold water until detergent is removed. Allow to fully dry.

  • Repeat as needed for stubborn acrylic paint. Check that paint is removed before drying or washing the garment.

Method 3 – Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover 


What you’ll need:


  • Non-acetone nail polish remover

  • Small bowl 

  • Toothbrush or cotton balls

  • Mild laundry detergent




  • Pour a small amount of non-acetone nail polish remover into a bowl. Dip a toothbrush or cotton ball into the solution.

  • Gently dab the nail polish remover onto the dried acrylic paint stain. Slowly work the solution into the fabric.

  • Once paint begins to lift, rinse the clothing under lukewarm water and scrub with a few drops of mild laundry detergent.

  • Then you need to wash thoroughly with water and allow it to dry.

  • Repeat process if needed, until no more paint transfers from the garment to the toothbrush or cotton ball.

  • Launder as usual after stain removal.

  • Avoid using acetone-based nail polish remover as this can damage or discolour fabrics. 

Method 4 – Baking Soda Paste 

If you are wondering how to get acrylic paint out of clothes, you should know that the baking soda can act as a gentle abrasive on the stain.


What you’ll need: 


  • Baking soda  

  • White vinegar

  • Small bowl

  • Toothbrush

  • Laundry detergent or soap




  • Mix a paste of 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water in a small bowl. The texture should form a thick paste.

  • Use a toothbrush to scrub the baking soda paste thoroughly onto the dried acrylic paint stain.

  • Allow the paste to sit on the fabric for 15-30 minutes. This will help lift and absorb the paint.

  • Make a solution of 2 tablespoons white vinegar mixed with 1 cup warm water. Dampen the stained area with the vinegar solution.

  • Rinse the clothing under warm running water until paint and paste residue are removed.

  • If paint remains, spot treat with laundry detergent and scrub with a soft brush before washing.

  • Wash as normal once paint is fully removed. 


Knowing how to get acrylic paint out of clothes can save your favourite dresses from going bad. Acrylic stains may seem impossible to clean at first. But armed with methods like hot water flushing, alcohol-based cleaners, and baking soda pastes, you can lift paint without damaging fabric. With the right solutions, you can erase acrylic stains and wear your clothes again with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Can you remove dried acrylic paint from clothes? 

A: Yes, dried acrylic paint can be removed with hot water and detergent or rubbing alcohol. 

Q: Should you use cold or hot water to remove acrylic paint?

A: Once you know how to get acrylic paint out of clothes, you should always use hot water.

Q: Can nail polish remover be used on any kind of fabric?

A: Use acetone-free removers instead of acetone-based ones as they can weaken synthetic fibers.

Q: Is it possible to use rubbing alcohol on any kind of fabric?

A: Cotton, polyester, and other colorfast textiles can usually be safely cleaned with rubbing alcohol.  

Q: What is the most effective way to get acrylic paint out of jeans?

A: You need to create a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and detergent and then rinse after scrubbing the stain.

Q: Can the acrylic paint be removed with hairspray?

A: It is possible to remove acrylic paint off textiles with hairspray. After ten minutes of staining with a spray, rinse and launder.

Q: Can you put clothes with acrylic paint in the dryer?

A: Never dry clothes with acrylic paint still on them, as heat will permanently set the stain. Remove as much paint as possible first.

Q: Do clothing need to be washed after acrylic paint removal?

A: Rinse the area well and launder as normal to get rid of any paint or cleaning solution residues once the stain has disappeared. 

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