How to Book a Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Flight?

For parents needing to send their children on flights alone, the thought can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Ensuring your unaccompanied minors are cared for and supervised every step of the journey is a must. That’s where Southwest Airlines’ hassle-free and affordable Unaccompanied Minor program comes in, providing the perfect solution for young flyers ages 5 through 11.

With a focus on making air travel as easy and stress-free as possible for kids and parents alike, southwest airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy goes above and beyond with personalized service from the moment you arrive at the airport until your child is reunited with you (or a trusted guardian) at their destination. Let’s take a closer look at all the ins and outs of this valuable offering.

Affordable, Simple Pricing

Unlike many other major airlines that charge upwards of $150 each way for unaccompanied minor services, Southwest keeps things simple with a flat $50 fee per child, per way. Affordable pricing helps take the sting out of an already stressful situation for parents.

You’ll pay this $50 fee when booking your child’s unaccompanied minor reservation, either online, through the mobile app, or by phone. This covers gate passing, personalized service, and supervision from airline staff throughout their entire journey.

Dedicated Service and Supervision

As soon as you arrive at the departure airport with your unaccompanied minor, a Southwest staff member will meet you at the checked baggage counter to get the process started. They’ll ensure you and your child have valid IDs, confirm the name/contact details of the meeters on each end, and provide a special Unaccompanied Minor travel document for visibility.

Your child will then be personally escorted and supervised by Southwest staff every step of the way—through security screening, to the gate area, during boarding, and while in transit on their flight(s). Airline staff will be easily identifiable with bright red vests, and your kid will have a designated supervised area to await their departure and any connections.

Upon landing, another Southwest staff member will meet your child at the arrival gate and escort them to the security-controlled checkin point, where they’ll be released only to the confirmed receiver you’ve identified, once ID is verified. It’s an incredibly transparent, seamless experience from start to finish.

Policies and Guidelines

To ensure safe, secure, and positive travels, Southwest has several guidelines and policies in place for their Unaccompanied Minor program:

  • Unaccompanied minors aren’t permitted on international flights, flights departing after 9pm, flights with connections longer than 4 hours, or on the last nonstop of the evening
  • Parents or guardians must remain at the airport until the flight is airborne
  • Advance arrangements must be made for supervision during connections
  • Drinking adult beverages is not allowed when traveling as an unaccompanied minor
  • There cannot be any special travel requirements like allergies or disabilities

Child safety is clearly the top priority here. Children aged 12-17 are considered young travelers who do not require the same level of supervision, but parents may still request and pay for the Unaccompanied Minor service if desired for peace of mind.

Overall, Southwest Airlines Book a flight Unaccompanied Minor offering is second to none in the major airline space. With simple fees, transparency into the supervision process, and world-class hospitality, you can breathe a little easier knowing your child is in good hands every step of their solo journey. It’s a small compromise for big reassurance—the perfect recipe for stress-free kids’ travel.

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