How to activate vudu TV Online?

Here are some easy steps to activate vudu TV Online :


  1. What devices can I stream Vudu on?

    One of Vudu’s biggest selling points is the sheer number of devices you can use to watch its content. Here’s how you can watch Vudu at home. 


    Smart TVs

    Select models of Vizio, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs support Vudu. Check the apps section of your TV to find out if your model offers the service.


    Vudu app

    Vudu’s smartphone app is available on every major mobile platform, so Android and iOS users can download it on any modern device.


    Streaming devices

    Because it competes with the services of other streaming devices, Vudu isn’t available on every platform you might think. Currently, Roku, Apple TV, Tivo, and Chromcast are the only streaming devices Vudu supports.

    It can’t officially be used on Amazon Fire, because it competes with Amazon’s Prime Video service.


    Game consoles

    If you use your game console as your main streaming source, Vudu is ready and waiting for you. Currently, Vudu offers an app for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Nintendo owners are out of luck.


    Web browsers

    Don’t want to download an app? Vudu can be watched on any modern browser. We’ve tested it on a MacBook in Chrome and Firefox with wonderful results. Make sure you close unneeded tabs and other open windows when you’re streaming for the smoothest experience.

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